Session 2019

FYP Coordinator: Mr. Dilruba Siddiqi

Group No.Project TitleSupervisor
G1EEG based Identification of lower limb activities and control of Knee JointMr. Saqib Zafar
G2Design and Development of Temperature Controller for Nano-Fluid Cooled Simulated ProcessorMr. Waqas Arshad
G3Smart Robotic Walker for EldersMr. Zia-ur-Rehman
G4Design and Control of 3DOF (3R) Planer CobotMr. Dilruba Siddiqi
G5Design and Development of Low-Cost, Portable Optical Motion Capture System for Objective Measurement of Gross Motor MovementsDr. Awais Hafeez
G6INDUSTRY PROJECT Humonoid RobotDr. Imran Mahmood
G7PLC based smart irrigation system using internet of thingsDr. Muhammad  Asif
G8Development of IoT based automatic Incubation System with fertile egg detection using image processing and automatic candlingDr. Hashim Iqbal
G9Path Planning of AgribotDr. Muhammad Usman
G10Homogenous automatic paint mixing machineDr. Nasir Ahmad
G11Autonomous Robotic ManipulatorDr. Asim Ghaffar

Session 2018

FYP Coordinator: Dr. Awais Hafeez

Group No.Project TitleSupervisor
G1Cable Based Parallel Manipulator Systems for Subsea Applications Dr. Asim Ghaffar
G2Real-time Data Acquisition System using Multiple Wearable SensorsDr. Farhan Maqbool
G3Hybrid Motorbike Dr. Muhammad Awais Hafeez
G4Side Winder (Mobile Robot) with Vision CapabilitiesMr. Tanveer Riaz
G5Design, Development and Control of Smart Boiler SystemMr. Umar Virk
G6A novel wheel-track electric powered wheelchair (EPW) for stairs climbingDr. Hashim Iqbal
G7Artificial Intelligence control of portable Mechanical VentilatorMr. Hassan Mujtaba
G8Omni Traction Hover BoardMr. Saqib Zafar
G9Pipeline Inspection RobotMr. Usman Sheikh
G10Design of a modular wheelchair with posture transformation Dr. Nasir Ahmad
G11Portable Solar Power Tiller MachineEngr. Waqas Arshad
G12Hand gesture determination to speech conversion for deaf PeopleEng. Zia-ur-rehman
G133-Link Planer Snake-like RobotDr. Ahmad Ali
G14Design & control of 3DOF(RRR) planar serial chain manipulator.Mr. Dilruba Siddique
G15Automated homogenous paint mixing machineDr. Asif Ishfaque
G16iSight: Computer Vision and Ultrasonic Sensor based Smart Cane for Visually Impaired People as assistant.Mr. Saqib Zafar 
G17Eversion Robot: Design, Fabrication and teleoperation along with a camera for Inspection.Mr. Usman Sheikh
G18Intelligent Energy Saving in an Instant GeyserDr. Imran Ali 
G19IOT based Artificial Intelligent Patient Monitoring and Treatment System.Mr. M Imran Mayo
G20Robot Vacuum CleanerDr. M. Usman
G21Autonomous Underwater Surveillance RobotEngr. Syed muhammad umar

Session 2017

FYP Coordinator: Dr. Imran Mahmood

Group No.Project TitleSupervisor
G1SLAM based order picking warehouse robotMr. Waqas Arshad
G2Smart Shopping CartMr. Abdullah Tahir
G3Design of a wearable upper-limb power exoskeletonMr. Umair Rasheed
G4Die sink electric discharge machine with rotating tool using pulse generator Mr. Muhammad Imran
G5Design and development of a lower-limb exoskeletonDr. H. Farhan Maqbool
G6Fault tolerant 3DOF planar redundant manipulatorMr. Syed M. Umer
G7Optimization and control of therapeutic equipment for brain hyperthermia  Dr. Imran Mahmood
G8Prototyping of portable mechanical ventilatorMr. Hassan Mujtaba
G9Ball balancing Stewart platformDr. Ahmad Ali
G10Remote controlled mine detection and surveillance robot for rough terrainMr. Tanvir Riaz
G11Smart Robotic Dispensary SystemMr. Muhammad Usman
G12Control of an Ankle-foot Orthosis to overcome footdrop impairmentDr. Asif Ishfaque
G13Smart Conveyor for diversion and box arrangementMr. Umar Virk
G14IOT based health monitoring, diagnostic, environmental control and live communication systemMr. Zia ur Rehman
G15FGI compensated manipulator 5DOF master device for teleoperationMr. Abdullah Tahir
G16SLAM based waiter robot for dynamic environment using IOTDr. Muhammad Usman
G17Design and Control of semi-autonomous stair climbing wheelchair using BCIDr. Hashim Iqbal
G18Human hand gestures recognition system using body sensor networkMr. Saqib Zafar

Session 2016

FYP Coordinator: Mr. Saqib Zafar

Group No.Project TitleSupervisor
G1Design and Development of IOT Based Hybrid Bike With Solar Charging Methodology Mr. Muhammad Imran 
G2Simultaneous Localization and Mapping on a Quadcopter using RPLIDAR Dr. Muhammad Usman 
G3Stair Climbing Wheel Chair Mr. Saqib Zafar 
G4Calligraphy Robot Mr. Abdullah Tahir 
G5Autonomous UAV with Image Processing Mr. S. M. A. Umair 
G6Perching Control of a Quadcopter Mr. Hassan Mujtaba 
G7Design and Control of Ankle-foot Orthosis Dr. Imran Mehmood 
G8Intelligent Embroidery Machine Mr. Muhammad Usman 
G9Development of Die Sink Electric Discharge Machine to investigate the effects of Electrode Material on different Machining Processes Mr. Muhammad Imran 
G10Design and Fabrication of Autonomous Pipe inspection Robot Mr. Saeed Ahmad 
G11Smart Milk  Dispenser Mr. Muhammad Usman 
G12Balancing of Inverted Pendulum for varying Terrains Mr. Zia ur Rehman 
G13Design and Development of Aquatic Robot (Submarine) Mr. Dilruba Siddiqi 
G14Scissor Extender Mobile Robot With Application of Book Placing using Image Processing Mr. Hassan Mujtaba 
G15PCB Error Detecting Machine Mr. Zia ur Rehman 
G16Optimization and Control of Therapeutic Equipment for Brain Hypothermia Dr. Imran Mehmood 
G17Brain Control Prosthetic Arm Mr. Umar Siddique Virk 
G18Design and Development of Lower Limb Exoskeleton Dr. Hafiz Farhan Maqbool 
G19Classification of EMG Signal Pattern by Neural Networks and actuating a Prosthetic Hand with Classes of them to Help People with Amputation Mr. Abdullah Tahir 
G20Omni Directional Mobile  Robot to Automate Storage of Warehouse Dr. Muhammad Usman 
G21Intelligent Overhead Crane (Prototype) Mr. Waqas Arshad 
G22Smart Eye Glasses for Blind People Dr. Asif Ishfaque 
G23Smart Waste Management System Mr. Muhammad Tanveer Riaz 
G24Grasping Fragile Objects with Prosthetic Hand using BioTac Contact Deflection Reflexes Mr. Syed Muhammad Umer 
G25Free Energy Generator Mr. Syed Muhammad Umer 
G26Autonomous Seed  Sowing Robot Dr. Nasir Ahmad 

Session 2015

FYP Coordinator: Mr. Shoaib Aslam

Group No.Project TitleSupervisor
G1Spying Warfield Robot with live Video Transmission & Laser Targeting for Military Purposes Mr. Shoaib Aslam 
G2Smart Electric Wheel Chair with Autonomous Charging Technique Mr. Hassan Mujtaba 
G3Automated Wheel Chair for Visually impaired people and also suffering with Abasia. Mr. Armaghan Mehmood 
G4Paint Inspection Manipulator Mr. Armaghan Mehmood 
G5Computer Integrated Manufacturing Cell (CIM Cell) Mr. Muhammad Usman Sheikh 
G6Auto Quality Inspection of Fabrics using Image Processing Mr. Zia ur Rehman 
G7An Intelligent Smart Cane for Visually Impaired People Mr. Aamir Mehmood 
G8IOT Based Data Acquisition, Control and performance monitoring of 4 stroke Diesel Engine Mr. Sahibzada M Ahmad Umair 
G9Solar Power based Autonomous Lawn Mower Mr. Sahibzada M Ahmad Umair 
G10Design and Development of an Assistive Lower Limb Exoskeleton Dr. Hafiz Farhan Maqbool 
G11Design and Fabrication of 4-Axis CNC Milling Machine Mr. Saqib Zafar 
G12Operation Theatre Assistive Robot Mr. Syed Muhammad Umer 
G13Delta Robot for Pick and Place Dr. Asif Ishfaque 
G14A Mobile Manipulator for Handling and Transportation of Supermarket Products Mr. Zia ur Rehman 
G15Fault Detection and Inspection on Printed Pattern Fabrics Mr. Dilruba Siddiqi 
G166 DOF Manipulator Mr. Abdullah Tahir 
G17IOT Based Patient Monitoring System Mr. Muhammad Imran 
G18AGRIBOT-A Mobile Robot to Support Agricultural Activities Dr. Nasir Ahmad 
G19SLAM based Hospital Receptionist Robot Mr. Syed Muhammad Umer 
G20PCB Printing and Drilling Machine with Efficient Path Planning Mr. Umar Siddique Virk 
G21Autonomous Micromouse Maze Solving Robot Mr. Syed Muhammad Umer 

Session 2014

FYP Coordinator: Mr. Muhammad Usman Sheikh

Group No.Project TitleSupervisor
G1Automatic wrapping, stamping and storage systemDr. Nasir Ahmed
G2Laser Engraver CNC machineMr. Umar S. Virk
G3Underground automatic pipeline installation machineMr. Umar S. Virk
G4Pick and place robotic arm using machine vision (Image processing)Mr. Abdullah Tahir
G5Design and control of 6dof robotic manipulatorMr. Abdullah Tahir
G6Humanoid Robot which will facilitate disabled human being who could not move to get things doneMr. Abdullah Tahir
G7Self-Balancing BicycleDr. Nasir Ahmad
G8Gesture Controlled Robotic ArmDr. H Farhan Maqbool
G9Autonomous Fork LifterMr. Syed M. Umer
G10Autonomous cleaning robot using image processingMr. Syed M. Umer
G11Wireless control robot handMr. Zia Ur Rehman
G12Faulty object detection and separation through image processingMr. Zia Ur Rehman
G13Humanoid RobotMr. Shoaib Aslam
G14Automatic sorting 6DOF manipulator using digital image processingMr. Shoaib Aslam
G15Smart Visitor Management system through ID card in PakistanMr. Usman Sheikh
G16Fruit Plucking and picking robotMr. Usman Sheikh
G17Cartesian ManipulatorMr. Dilruba Siddiqi
G18Swarm robots – To communicate multiple robots to perform different tasksMr. Dilruba Siddiqi

Session 2013

FYP Coordinator: Mr. Aamir Mehmood

Group No.Project TitleSupervisor
G1Metal Detector Robotic VehicleMs. Ammara Kanwal
G23D Printer Based Computerized Numerical ControlMs. Ammara Kanwal
G3Self-Balancing RobotMs. Ammara Kanwal
G4RC OrnithopterMr. Zia-Ur-Rehman
G5Autonomous Transportation Mobile RobotMr. Zia-Ur-Rehman
G6Touch Screen Based RobotMr. Zia-Ur-Rehman
G7Ball and Plate BalancingMr. Shoaib Aslam
G8Autonomous Mobile Robot for Internal Pipeline Inspection using IR CameraMr. Shoaib Aslam
G9Simultaneous Localization and Mapping by an Autonomous RobotMr. Shoaib Aslam
G10Eye Movements Controlled Wheelchair with EOGMr. Dilruba Siddiqui
G11Wall Climbing RobotMr. Aamir Mehmood
G12Robotic FishMr. Aamir Mehmood
G13Gesture Control Robot with Robotic ArmMr. Shoaib Aslam
G14Vertical Fuel Tank Inspection RobotMr. Shoaib Aslam
G15Self-Transforming Mobile RobotMr. Umar Virk
G16Prosthetic Arm and Hand DesignMs. Urwah Arif
G17Autonomous Drive System (Mars Rover Design)Ms. Urwah Arif
G18Design of Stable BipadMs. Urwah Arif

Session 2012

FYP Coordinator: Mr. Dilruba Siddiqi

Group No.Project TitleSupervisor
G1Electromagnetic Levitation SystemMs. Urwah Arif
G2Mobile Robot with Computer InterfaceMr. Asim Ghaffar
G3Twin-Rotor ControlMr. Dilruba Siddiqi
G4Uniped Stabilization and DynamicsMr. Dilruba Siddiqi
G5Segway Design and ControlMs. Ammara Kanwal
G6Quad-copter ControlMr. Zubair Butt
G7Simultaneous Localization, Mapping and Navigation of Mobile RobotMr. Shoaib Aslam
G8Gesture Controlled Mobile RobotDr. Nasir Ahmad
G9PLC based automation of BoilerMr. Awais Hafeez
G10Mobile Robot for pipeline inspectionMr. Shoaib Aslam